Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Do We Go When We Die?

we have a life filled with friendship, experiences that change your out look on life, memories to celebrate, love, beauty and creativity . Who
could ask for more?

yes, we die after living our lives the best we can, and as an atheist we do not believe in any kind of afterlife. But even after death
our decaying bodies become one with the earth and influence growth.

lets call this, "Pageithesm".
It's the Pagan view of death...the soul becomes one with nature and is reborn, mixed with atheism....there is no soul, but our body is nutrient for

Works well if your an environmentally friendly person.

Above is a picture of a tattoo that I want to get. It is a symbol that represents what Pagans believe nature's cycle is like. It is called the tree of life. (not to be confused with the Tree Of Knowledge that God forbade Eve from eating from.)

Even though I am an Atheist, and not Pagan, I think this applies to either. Plus, its a nod to my Fiance's beliefs.

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