Friday, October 5, 2012


Ok, so Hannah finally talked me into participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. It's this November and the goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month. My subject? Atheism of course. While I'm here I figured I'd type out a  little synopsis.

The title?
Leaving The Flock: My Journey To Atheism

here's a little bit of what's going to be covered (so far):

This is a non-fiction book designed to explain my experiences and a wide range of reasons why I have left the faith of my family. My goal is to make people understand what atheism is, and to understand why someone may have this point of view. I want to stress very much that this is not meant to insult anyone or to be taken as offensive. It is my own honest reasoning of why I believe(or dont), the things that I do. So far there will be five sections: Introduction, History, The Bible, Followers and Final Thoughts.

The introduction will explain what atheism is, and what common misconceptions there are about it. I will also describe my own indoctrination into Christianity, why I am specifically talking about Christianity even though my same thoughts apply to all religions and why I would want someone to understand where I am coming from.

Under the first section ( History) I will be covering things such as the pagan roots of certain traditions, ways in which the religion has spread, Eurocentric ideas, the protestant reformation and of course how each of these things influence my beliefs.

Under the second section (The Bible) I will be covering things such as how the bible was written/compiled, books that have been added/removed, Bible Stories/Teachings that I find immoral or outdated, Old Testament vs. New, mistranslations (Greek to Hebrew to English), how it is irrelevant today, contradictions, lack of proof/confirmation and inconsistencies from a scientific point of view.

Under the third section (Followers) I will be talking about how Christian’s view God, views on other beliefs including different sects within Christianity, evil done in the name of god (in real life as well as the bible), indoctrination, miracles (debunking them) and arguments made to prove that there is a god (debunking them).

The last section (Final Thoughts) I will be relating this to my life, how I see other religions in the same way and how we can have morality without religion.

I'm adding stuff as I go along so I dont think I'll have too much of a problem reaching my goal. Hannah said she'd help me edit when I am finished, so I'll be putting excerpts up on my blog when they are done.