Monday, September 20, 2010


I have played sports when I was younger. I've played soccer and little league base ball. I was never enthusiastic about either. I enjoy exercise, and I guess you could call skateboarding, BMX and snowboarding sports. These were the only things I really got into.

I've never liked watching sports on TV. I  find it uninteresting and pointless.

I think that it is absolutely horrible that professional athletes make millions of dollars just by playing a few rounds in a game. They make more then the leaders of our country even. These same athletes usually don't contribute anything else to society. These same athletes, when faced with criminal accusations can usually easily avoid actions taken by the law.

Why do we look at them as heroes and roll models? Why do we use their tournaments and events to advertise products? ...we wouldnt if people would stop focusing on them as much.

I find it hilarious that people will actually argue over which team is better. It doesn't matter...the team who can afford the best players always wins.

There is a lot of merchindise, goods and television air time that comes from professional sports.

We have taken good clean fun and turned it into a staple of America.

A lot of children who have grown up in bad situations sometimes look forward to getting into a college based on sports scholarships. It's sad that they don't focus on anything else. If they were to hurt themselves and not be able to play anymore, they have nothing else to fall back on.

We should promote heath AND intelligence.

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  1. OH I SO AGREE, Jon!! with each and every word.

    and your point about the money invested into sports players, is kinda messed up is that!?

    ha ha, we are a bit outnumbered in thinking of people who get so SO into sports with THAT MUCH of a passion, as curious, though, aren't we!!?



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