Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pope's statement.

I'm sure we've all heard about the pope vising the UK recently. He didn't say a whole lot about hiding the truth about his followers molesting young children in the churches. Instead he actually distracted the world by his comments towards atheists. He actually said that Atheists were responsable, and should apolagize for the actions of Hitler and other monsters of the 20th century. Bill Donahue of the Catholic League agrees.

This upset me for a plethora of reasons. Above all else, that Hitler wasn't even an atheist. He was a devout Catholic. In fact, he justified his actions based on the old testament.

Anyway, there was a rally and a lot of important people gave speeches. I wish I could have made it. Instead I decided to write a letter to the president of the Catholic League. My statement was this:

"I just want to know that if atheists are expected to apologize for Hitler, Stalin and Mao...then shouldn't Catholics be willing to apologize for the crusades and witch hunts?

It's pretty pointless for people who have nothing to do with the problem to apologize, and I hope you will see this. It is pointless for Catholics to apologize for these atrocities as well because most of them are not extremists, only some of them are. So, cant you see the same for atheists?".

Short sweet and too the point. I even included my full name, address, phone number and email address hopeing for a reply.

Guess what? Nothing.

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