Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blind Nationalism

you know, It drives me up the wall when I hear people say that people in the military risk their lives for the rights of the common people to vote. It's complete utter bullshit. Our own government denied it's citizens the right to vote, not some foreign threat. If you are a black American man, a woman of any ethnicity, or an 18-20-year-old, you didn't have the right 141, 92, and 41 years ago, respectively.

It's equally frustrating when people say that our soldiers are fighting for our rights in general. Under any context it isn't true. We have been at war or in some sort of conflict for almost every year since the revolutionary war.

but that was the last real time we have been in a war because our rights have been infringed upon. every war other then a select few...and there has been a lottttttt..have been about foreign policy, or some made up shit like defending ourselves from terrorist by finding the nuclear weapons that arnt there in the first place. i just..i fucking hate that people have this godlike respect for the military branch of government.

most people join the army because they need the money, or they cant fucking cut it doing anything else. i know so many people who dropped out of high school..and knocked up some they went into the army. i know people who are horrible fucking people, who frankly, just wanted to see some combat. its disgusting.

that isn't being a patriot..its blind nationalism and we defend that idea when its coming from America, but we are scared to death of the idea if its from somewhere else. if a foreign country are nationalist...communists or anything else WE think we have to defend our selves from it. what the hell is wrong with our country were have have only been at peace for a hand full of decades.the reason for this blind reverence towards our troops? its unavoidable. its easier to make them into a hero then to protest. We just simply dont have to think about it.