Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Thought On Education

The problem with our country's education is that it is rated 88 in the world.

our government would rather spend more money on corporations that boost the economy then to spend money in education...which would help the economy in the long run. A lot of people even feel that it isn't right to spend more on education because it would mean it was some what socialized, and we all know..that's a "slippery slope to communism".

we have had so many recent spending cuts in the education department, and teachers are being seen as less important. also, you should look at some of our text books to understand why we care so little about education. also, about textbooks..our adoption committees are too controlled by the parents. they are afraid to tell students the truth because it might go against their beliefs. they are also there to make you feel more patriotic. a lot of people feel better about making our students nationalists.

I could go on and on about our education system here in the states. its just..there's so much wrong with it right now and people dont even realize it.

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