Monday, June 11, 2012

English Class Story

Our school district was one of the worse in the area. This being said...they set a day were we had to implement math skills in every class.

my incident happened in reading class.. the assignment was to manage a budget, in order to plan, and go on a vacation. We were all matched up in teams of two. We had to pick at least two things to do. something educational and something recreational.

our educational activity was a trip to the zoo. that part was fine but Myself, and my partner were into fishing, so we decided to plan a fake fishing trip for the recreational part of it. We had everything done, and we were pretty proud of it.

on the last day before the project was due, our teacher told us we couldn't plan a fishing trip because it wasn't considered recreational. I was pretty confused..i went home that night, got my fishing hand book that came with my license and showed my teacher the next day. The book clearly said "Pa recreational fishing" on the front cover. She continued arguing with me so I just let it go. so..she suggested a different activity for us. she said horse back riding would be just fine.

mother fucking horseback riding....

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