Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pledge Of Allegance

Its a violation of the first amendment. it does..no matter how many times a fundie will argue, promote certain religions over another or non at all. Some religion's dont have gods, and those of us who dont believe in gods can tell you...its really the christian god they are referring too anyway.

I also feel that little children should not be pledging their allegiance to something that they dont understand in the first place. we should teach our children to strive for a better future, not to blind them with nationalism.

also, what is it about conservatives..it seems that they dont want to conserve history at all, but to alter it, or shadow over important things in history that would actually make you think. the mention of god was never in the original pledge, it was never on the dollar, but yet they wont even begin to consider removing them...the conservatives are not conserving anything.

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