Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taking The Bible Literally

I've heard a lot lately that most Christians in these modern times only believe that the stories in the bible are only parables to teach us how to live our lives. I don't believe that. I believe that with all of the details included in most of these stories, the bible really was intended to be taken literally. The details thrown in are to make  you think everything actually happened as it was written.

There are so many details to every story. The measurements and construction of Noah's ark, The begetting of generations, the exact materials and measurements of temples...these are just a few small examples. If these stories were not intended literally, why are these here?
again..The details thrown in are to make  you think everything actually happened as it was written.

I think the reason most Christians say that these stories are only parables is because of the violence and hatred in the old testament. I understand that Christians put most of their focus in the new testament because it tells of their savior. But to completely disown the old testament is ignorant. Is Jesus not the son of god? the two testaments go hand in hand. It explains history of the land before Jesus walked the earth. It also explains the tyranny of their newly found Messiah's father. would you put your faith in Hitler's son if he said he was sent by his dad to save you? ...even though this is a dramatized question, it works as a good analogy.

While we are talking about the interpretation of the old testament, wouldn't it make more sense to be Jewish? I mean, it is the original belief that God himself set forward and Jewish people are considered His chosen people. If the creator of the universe tells you one thing, why would you believe a man that tells you differently? There is a reason Jesus was crucified. he was a blasphemer according to God's original laws. He was killed for claiming to be the messiah. Those Jewish people who believed him are catholic and Catholicism broke into separate branches of protestants. I really cant see how those Jewish people who believed him could not see what was going on. Then again, the bible even contradicts itself when it comes to the messiah. So how could you know this was actually the chosen savior?

anyway, I think that whoever wrote the bible wanted to make it pretty clear that it was intended to be taken literally. And the people who DO take it literally are the ones who you have to look out for. Extremists in any group are a bad thing.

The Bible says that not one interpretation is private, but I think you certainly should draw the line somewhere when it comes to a book that you are putting you're absolute faith in.

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