Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I Am An Atheist

I come from a very religious Christian family, I've read the bible. I'm also working on the Qur'an, the Tanakh, and the Dhammapada. I have done research on many religions. I have homosexual friends. I have Atheist friends, Christian friends, Pagan friends and Agnostic friends. They are good people and shouldn't be judged by a certain kind of followers.

let me be clear exactly what I don't believe in, along with a higher being...Just so we are clear and you will see how this will also give a good reason why I don't believe in the other things that I will mention.

2.Magic of any kind

The reason for these I think is because I have never experienced an encounter that I could not use logic to understand.

I am an Atheist because I HAVE known God's word, as well as other god's words. I have prayed to God to show me that he does exist, and to change my mind about my beliefs. Since then I have come to accept the fact that it is not in my character to believe in higher beings. This was not a choice for me. I cant help the fact that I analyze and question everything. It's in my nature. In this scary; confusing world, why would I willingly choose to not have a savior?

That being said, after reading the bible I know that there is a lot of issues that God takes a stand against that I find intolerant and ridiculous. Also after learning the history of Christianity, I know that there are inconsistencies and contradictions. Even when you take away the traditions that are based on other religions and are not original, you are left with just what the bible tells you. which was written by men in a different language, which was translated at least twice over long periods of time, which were then translated again into easier to read versions. This compilation of stories were based off of documents that listed Hebrew law and parables and should not be taken literally.

There is also scientific proof against the written history of the bible, but I'm not going to comment on them because if you are reading this as a christian, you are only going to close you're mind to them to protect you're faith. I beleive that The difference between people of faith and people of science is when science changes or errors, the people of science changes with it, always moving forward.

Unlike Christians, I beleive that the bible is not a good thing to base you're morals off of. Even the ten commandments only has 2 laws that even apply to life. The rest only prove that God is a jealous being. The commandments that are not good laws, are only suggestions on how to live a life that seems Moral because it is what our society has come to accept as moral.
My life experiences have given me everything I need to form my own beliefs and provide me with morals. It's ridiculous to think that morals only come from religion.

I find hope in the beauty of life, this earth and every living thing. Friendship, love, passion, and the beauty that surrounds you is reason enough to live you're life. To want anything more is selfish.
The people who think that they are God's chosen ones are the same people who thought that the earth was the center of the universe. To think that humans are any more important then any other living thing is narcissistic. Another example of this narcissism is when someone is searching for religion, some of them pick the God who seems the closest to being human like. Any other God that Christians rule out our not "made in our image". Also that heaven's rewards consist of earthly treasures according to the bible.

I beleive Narcissism, fear, hopelessness and the inability to answer questions are the biggest reasons people "find" religion.

The only thing I ask of anyone, is that they judge me based on how well they know me. Nothing more. How could you know my thoughts? My morals? My Philosophies?

I don't need God to be good,
And please remember the first amendment.

Not all of my reasons are there, and the ones that are there, need more of an explanation that I have time for right now. I'm sure if you follow my blog, or ask me questions you will better understand my views.

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