Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trickle Down Rant

I try not to let religious belief or political views interfere  with who I am friends with, or how I treat people...but If you believe that wealthy people deserve to pay less taxes then people who are not well off..I lose all respect for you.

It's not about the hard working paying for the lazy..its about equality. first of all, taxes pay for everything. everything from our infrastructure to social security for the deserving are paid through taxes. oh and, trickle down economics didn't work the first time. THAT is what the fiscally conservative would like to continue doing.

If you feel that the wealthy have the responsibility to create jobs..and that's why they are taxed less, then what exactly makes them NOT responsible when it comes to paying more taxes? Where is the logic in that?

How can someone support that while knowing there are single mother's in this world who have worked three jobs while getting assistance and STILL had a hard time making ends meet?

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