Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Without God

I'm constantly hearing how Christianity is not only about doing the right thing because of the fear of hell and the reward you get in the afterlife, but it is something to live you're life by. They say that you need the believe of god to live a fulfilling life.

I for one, have never felt something missing in my life when I began to stray from religion. I beleive that I have a better grasp on what morality is because I'm no longer deluded with the thought that good and evil is black and white. I also beleive that I have a better grasp on how important life is to us. I understand that this life is all we have and we need to make the best of it, for not only us, but other people who are effected by our time here.

I've been told that I am just confused or that I am a rebel for "choosing" to be an atheist. First of all, I have never chosen anything. Atheism is no more a choice then you're sexuality is. Second of all, I feel that I know more about the world around me and even religious doctrine since I began to think freely. I am no longer oppressed by rules and guidelines that are indoctrinated into me. I have the obility to think freely with an open mind and learn things on my own.

If you didn't know me, you would have no idea if or not I beleive in a higher being, based on my actions. This is my point. It's upsetting when a self righteous person tells me how I act, without even knowing me personally. I'm also upset because just by being who I am, I am judged and feared. I'm also always blamed for things that are out of my control, and when I stand my ground on an issue, people feel like they are the ones being attacked. I'm tired of misconceptions. I'm tired of ignorance and intolerance. If you come from a belief structure that claims to be the most morally upright, then dont attack me when you are afraid of learning something that you would like to shelter you're self from.

Another thing I am tired of hearing of is that I am arrogant because I do not beleive in a higher being. I'm probably more modest then you are because I realize that we do not have all of the answers and probably never will. But at least we are trying based on real methods of thought, not just taking someones word for it. In my experience, a creationist is usually more arrogant because they feel that they are always right in what they beleive and is too closed minded to challenge their doctrine.

I feel that I am good without god because, everything I have, I work for and I do not let the limitations of religion slow me down. I take responsibility for my own actions. I do not wait for judgment to take responsibilities for them like you say I will have to when I face our creator. I face them when they happen, and I learn from my mistakes and actions. Everything we do in this life effects someone else, or something else on this earth. Hiding behind an idea of punishment and reward after death does nothing but hinder decisions you make in you're life. We must live for today, and for the tomorrow of others.

I never feel that I am missing out on something because I do not have a religion, or a relationship with a higher being. I take things in my life seriously and try not to take what I have for granted. Life is full of enough reasons to live well. We have loved ones, friends, relationships, the beauty of nature and the kindness of people just to name a very few. To think that you deserve anything else is just selfish. What makes a human life sacred or important enough for the creator of everything to love more then another?

I never claim to know for certain that there is no god. It can never be proved either way, but the thing about belief is, you dont need absolute proof. If you can not handle you're thoughts of only having to work with so many ideas to come to a conclusion, then it is only fear that is holding you back.

I do not have a fear of life or death, or a lack of control of my life. I am not concerned with what will happen to me in this life, because I am fine with the fact that I am the one who controls my life and my future. Nothing else. It is empowering to know that you are the one in control, and dont have to worship a tyrant to help you along you're way. After life is useless to me. I respect the natural cycle of life, and death to me is nothing more then the final step of my existence.

If you were to ask me how I came to this conclusion, I would say that it came from many years of thought and research of ideas. I have many reasons not to beleive in the doctrine and false hope of religion. If I were to list them here, I would be wasting you're time.

I dont miss out on anything that religion has to teach or offer us, because I have found more logical ways to make my life fulfilling.

these are only a few reasons why I am good without god.

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